CL4FIRE Fire Protection Insulation

Product Description:

Product is a Calcium / Magnesium / Silica for increased body solubility when compared to ceramic fiber insulation. Recommended for use under the same safety guidelines as fiberglass and mineral wool by the Ontario Construction Safety Association – 2005 edition Fibre-reinforced foil encapsulated to meet the durability requirements of the NFPA-96 standard.



  • ISO 6944 Duct ‘A’ Standard
  • 1-hour rating requires a single butt-seam layer of CL4FIRE Fire Protection Thermal Insulation (Ductwrap)
  • 2-hour rating requires a single overlapped layer of CL4FIRE Fire Protection Thermal Insulation (Ductwrap)


  • Installation Quantity: 3” overall thickness always required for Commercial Kitchen Grease Ductwork applications.
  • Listed for Butt-Seam Pinning or Banding Installation Methods.

Code Compliance:

  • NFPA-96 – standard for Ventilation Control & Fire Protection for Cooking Operations
  • CAN/ULC-S1​44 Standard Method of Fire Resistance Test – Grease Duct Assemblies
  • ISO-6944 Duct ‘A’ Standard with 1 or 2-hour external duct fire rating
  • ULC-S115-95 – Firestop testing standard
  • ULC-S102 for 25/50 Flame Spread & Smoke Development Rating

For more information involving installation techniques and material data sheets, please follow the attached manufacture link