Build your confidence, even under fire

Fire-Wrap in all buildings is a key element with multiple objectives: to guarantee the safety of the personnel, to limit equipment damage, to remove residual heat, and to ensure that the safety systems are running. These are just a few of the reasons that inspired us to build your confidence even under fire.
We provide (fire-wrap services for) the following systems: ventilation air distribution ducts, life safety pressurization air ducts, trash and linen chutes, dryer exhaust ducts, welded kitchen grease ducts, fire-stand pipe systems, steel water supply and drain systems, emergency generator muffler, diesel fuel supply piping, natural gas piping, boiler flue exhaust, high-pressure and low-pressure steam piping, electrical circuits including cables, conduits and cable trays, structural beams and columns, shaft alternatives, and other enclosure applications where space is a significant constraint.

Brunco Insulation offers full consultation and review, led by an experienced team in fire-wrap services. Our 30 years of expertise in the field allows us to provide a variety of systems, ranging from 1-hr to 4-hr F-ratings and T-ratings applications. We provide manufacturer inspections and engineering support for project scenarios. We also use a high-temperature ceramic fiber and endothermic mat material that will guarantee the proper rating for your project scenario