FireMaster UI-T-Wrap

Product Description:

Thermal Ceramics FireMaster UI-T-Wrap is a flexible thermal barrier wrap material used to enclose conduit and pipe to provide up to 2-hour fire protection. The proprietary matrix cools the protected item by absorbing the energy of the fire while at the same time insulating against the extreme heat of a fire. FireMaster Ul-T-Wrap is specifically tested to protect against the full engulfment of an ASTM E 119 fire environment and to keep the temperatures on the protected item below 250F average temperature rise as per the acceptance criteria defined in ASTM E 1725. This makes it ideally suited to protect critical building systems like life-safety related electrical systems and emergency generator fuel transfer lines.


  • Up to 2 hour fire ratings for circuit protection applications
  • Flexible material easy to install even on small diameter conduits and pipes
  • Fully encapsulated for easy handling and installation
  • Gore shapes available for sweeps and elbows to eliminate field-fabrication
  • Does not contain refractory ceramic fiber (RCF)


  • Protecting electrical circuits including cables, conduits, cable trays
  • Fuel transfer lines (double or single wall)
  • Columns and beams
  • Other enclosure applications where space is a significant constraint

Code Complicance:

  • ASTM E 1725
  • ASTM E 119
  • ASTM E 814
  • UL 1724


For more information involving installation techniques and material data sheets, please follow the attached manufacture link